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Chinese Friendship Association of Portland (CFAP)

The Chinese Friendship Association of Portland is a non-profit and community-based organization established in 1993, dedicated to 
  1. to foster greater cultural understanding among Oregonians.
  2.  to provide educational opportunities to the public to learn about the immigrant story and their traditions and customs. 
  3. to build a bridge of cultural awareness and understanding, ethnic tolerance, and strive for a more harmonious existence. 
  4. and to assist recent Chinese immigrants in Oregon and Vancouver, Washington to be productive and committed members of their communities. 
  5. to provide Civic leadership training for youth
In 2020, we have hosted the largest cultural event in Keller Auditorium for Lunar New Year celebration, which included performances by professional performing artists, local Asian groups and performers from other states, art and craft as well as photo contest exhibition.  During the time fighting against COVID-19, we started very early to do fund raising to provide supplies to Hospitals in China. Since March, 2020, we have launched a new fundraising campaign to deliver much needed supplies to hospitals in US, as well as our first responders such as police, fire department, and the departments who administrates homeless shelters.  In addition, we ordered freshly made food from restaurants to deliver to various shelters and veteran’s center.  Through TV station, radio, newspaper, we have promoted Chinese American’s value and contribution in US which has increased Chinese American’s impact in our society.


波特兰中国联谊会是一个非牟利性组织。自1993年成立20多年来,一直致力于服务大波特兰华人社区的利益和需求,在丰富当地华人生活的同时, 也为弘扬中国文化精神,为东西方文化沟通起到了积极的作用。
在文艺活动方面, 波特兰联谊会连续二十几年主办当地最有影响力的春节晚会, 特别是在2020年于俄勒冈最大剧院Keller Auditorium举办的集亚裔表演团体, 专业演员及本地文化团体精彩表演, 手工艺及书法演示为一体的大型文化活动。我们连续9年参加组织盛大的波特兰华人玫瑰节花车巡游。与这些大型文艺汇演相比,波特兰联谊会的夏日野餐会,节日庆典卡拉OK歌会等文艺活动更具有轻松的娱乐氛围,也同样受到广大华人朋友喜爱。
在2020年面临全球疫情时, 我们团结近30个华裔组织及上百个人, 共同筹款, 从2020年1月起, 我们用筹款购买救灾物资援助湖北及中国多个省市抗疫, 三月至今, 我们又多次筹款从中国购买口罩等救灾物资, 捐献给本地医院包括为低收入人员提供服务的医院,警局, 消防局及管理流浪人员的县政府部门, 老人院, 老兵园, 并通过媒体包括电视台, 广播电台, 报刊讲述华人近200年在美国的贡献历史, 为提升华裔的形象及影响力做出了贡献!


Board members | 董事会成员 | 5/31/2021

In May of 2021, the CFAP Board of Directors has elected Jesse Gan, Paul Ip, and Pulin Wang as the board members and new leadership team as follows:

经波特兰中国联谊会理事会于2021年5月投票选举,增选王朴林,叶伟基, 甘习宜,和张炯为CFAP理事会理事, 并产生新一届领导成员:

President (主席):

Xingliang Liu (刘兴梁)

Vice President (副主席):

Bosha Liu (刘波莎)

Treasurer (财务长)

Pulin Wang (王朴林)

Secretary (秘书长)

Jesse Gan (甘习宜)

Board members

Jesse Gan, Paul Ip, Hardy Li, Shibin Li, Hong (Linda) Lin, John Lin, Bosha Liu, Xingliang (Alex) Liu, Pulin Wang, Jong Zhang, Kai (Michael) Zhang, Weqiang Yang, Iris Zhao

王朴林,叶伟基, 甘习宜,李世斌,刘兴梁, 刘波莎,林虹,林忠, 杨维强,赵焱明,张炯, 张凯,黎觀城

Board of Directors, Chinese Friendship Association of Portland, May 31, 2021

波特兰中国联谊会理事会, 2021年5月31日


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