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    CFAP Event: 2010 Summer Potluck Picnic

v  Time: start 11:30am Sunday August 22nd 2010

v  Place: West Linn Willamette park (1100 12th St., West Linn, OR 97068)

(Map: )

v  Bring your favorite dishes to share with friends

v  Meet old friends and make new ones

v  Meet our special guest US Congressional Candidate – Rob Cornilles

v  Silent auction and a lot of raffle prizes

v  Sports, entertainments, and more…


时间: 11:30am Sunday August 22nd 2010

=== Pot Luck 野餐项目 ===
    • 艺术表演
    • 与新老朋友分享你拿手的厨艺
    • 和你的美国国会议员候选人Rob Cornilles 交流
    • 大量的抽奖-每人都有机会
    • 娱乐,体育,交友 。。。分享快乐
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