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posted Aug 12, 2010, 3:43 PM by rose li

Based on the needs of its members, the PCFA has conducted a wide range of activities to provide members with opportunities to be acquainted with each other and exchange information.  These activities include seminars on financial investment, insurance, purchasing a house, preparing a tax return, summer picnics, dances/parties, Chinese movies, Chinese New Year's Celebrations, and receptions for delegations from China.

Over the years, the number of regular members of the PCFA has grown steadily.  Computer engineers or specialists were among the fastest growing groups.  In 1997, the Board decided to increase the number of Board members representing the high-tech industry in Oregon.  Thus, Mr. Shaofeng Yu of Intel, Gang Li of Intel, Genghong Ruan of Analogy, Inc., Yueheng Xue of Intel, Songyu He of ABC Technologies, Inc., as well as Mr. Jon Duan of Intel were elected to the Board to serve PCFA.  Today, the total number of members on the PCFA Mailing Directory is about 600.  The Board of Directors serve on a volunteer basis and have changed over the years.  The current Board of Directors for 2002-2003 are: Yuzhong Lin, Li Wei, Zifen Qian, Qigang Yang, Ming Xie, Hua Zhang, Youqing Ma, and Jian Wang.

The leadership of several individuals made it possible for the PCFA to grow and succeed.  The past presidents of the PCFA deserve full recognition.  They are: Grant Bow, James Mei, Rongwei Cai, David Yu, Shaofeng Yu, Ken Ruan,  Liying Zheng, Changhua Wang, and Yuzhong Lin.

With tremendous support from its members and efforts by its Board Members, PCFA continues to prosper in the Portland area.  We warmly invite you to participate in our organized events and volunteer your time for more interesting and colorful activities to enrich our life in this community.  PCFA welcomes you to join and believes that you can make a difference!

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