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Giant Eclair

posted Oct 24, 2009, 12:09 PM by rose li

The latest giant dessert unveiled at the Googleplex - eclair with chocolate syrup on top. Don't you just appreciate the little details?
Each time Google releases a new version of its Android software, the company places a humongous dessert in front of its offices where you can also find the Android robot. 
The last two Andorid versions were named Cupcake and Donut. An Android dog appeared sometime after the robot, perhaps to be a companion. I recall it was placed before the donut arrived, but sadly, the Android dog is now missing from the lawn display. : -(  You can see a photo of the Android dog here

I am hoping the next release will be called Frogurt or Froyo. Doesn't that sound catchy?

Lazy Afternoon Tea and Old Cookbooks

posted Oct 24, 2009, 12:04 PM by rose li

I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with loose leaf jasmine tea and few old cookbooks that I bought from the local library sale. The jasmine tea came from Second Cup, a Canadian coffee chain where BJ and I would pass-by on our walks near his parents house.
Holy jitterbugs! The jasmine tea was fragrant yet very strong. I usually drink decaf Lipton tea bags so I'm the caffeine gave me a bit of a headache. It's hard to find loose leaf decaf so I drink my batches of lose leaf tea sparingly.
A 1950's Starburst Corning carafe designed for coffee. Out of all my collection, I'm growing to like the mid-century designs for Pyrex and Corning the best. The lines are clean and simple and full of upbeat design elements, like the gold starbursts. Too bad the handle is made out of plastic. 
A blue flower Pyrex mug and saucer. 
And the entertaining cookbooks from years gone by. In addition to looking at how America ate in the paste, I wanted to see what type and brand of kitchen gadgets were used back then.
My friend David has the Corning Ware casserole with the Black Trefoil pattern and serves his dish out of it at our potluck dinner parties. His mom gave it to him when he entered college in the early 70s, before I was born! And his casserole still looks great. No cracks, no chips and no stains.  Just shows that the vintage Pyrex and Corning products will last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. The Black Trefoil was introduced between 1960-65. 
In the 1961 Better Homes & Garden Casserole Cookbook, the section on Asian cooking was a crack-up. References to the "exotic Orient", the "Oriental dishes," and "Mongolian cooker" were common descriptives for a Chinese Hot Pot recipe.  Aside from the antiquated terms, which made me chuckle, I read the old Better Homes & Garden cookbook with much appreciation. The writing was witty and I can see the goodhearted attempts by the editors and recipe developers to enlighten a 1960's suburban home with worldly cuisines.

Have a great weekend everyone!

posted Oct 24, 2009, 12:01 PM by rose li

Today I had a tasty lunch at work. My colleagues and I went out for Thai food at the Red Pepper Restaurant in Santa Clara. As part of the lunch menu, we all received a bowl of tofu soup. It was nothing spectacular but it was nice to start off with something to warm the belly.
I ordered a spicy garlic shrimp with broccoli. This was enough food for two meals and I brought the leftovers home. 
Can't eat spicy food without drinking something to wash it down - the young coconut juice has a perfect cooling effect. 
The waitress was so nice and gave us complimentary fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce. These are the best - the chips were warm and crispy when they arrived to the table.  After eating all this food, it was hard returning to the office to work. All I wanted was a nap!
By the time dinner rolled around, I decided to eat the leftovers from lunch. And since I had an evening practically free from cooking (although I did bake a frozen pizza for BJ to eat), I decided to try the Trader Joe's pumpkin bread using the mix from the box.
The pumpkin bread turned out nicely, and I even added some chopped walnuts to the batter.
I also attempted to make a few muffins filled with chocolate pudding. The idea of chocolate and pumpkin just appealed to me. But instead of getting a gooey center, the pudding oozed out to the top of the muffin. What a bummer! If anyone has any tips on how to fill the center of muffins or cupcakes, please let me know. Perhaps I should have just stuck a small chocolate bar or chips into the muffin batter or piped in the pudding??? 

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A Quick Friday Night Dinner

posted Oct 24, 2009, 11:55 AM by rose li

Good evening! I went with BJ to Sonoma Chicken Coop in Alamden Valley for dinner tonight so that we can have the rest of the evening to unwind at home and catch up on silly TV (Vampire Diaries for me!).
I ordered a house salad and a shrimp tomato bisque soup. The salad came with a slice of pizza which Sonoma Chicken Coop calls its "house bread." By offering that slice of cheese pizza, the restaurant has turned BJ into fan for life. It's the treat he looks forward to whenever we eat at the Coop. 
For BJ, a double cheeseburger with bacon on focaccia bread with fries.  As customary, I had a few bites to taste how really good this burger is. 

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